5 Custom Fixtures Using SEG Frames

5 Custom Fixtures Using Silicone Edge Graphic Frames

We have been fortunate to work with many talented and creative clients, and like us, they love to push the limits with design to create new and innovative custom fixture systems. When we say the “options are endless” with Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) frames, well, they are! Sometimes it’s challenging to think outside the box and a little push of inspiration can go a long way. Here, we present to you a list of our favorite 5 Custom Fixture Systems using Silicone Edge Graphic Frames we’ve worked on in the last year. We hope to inspire you because we’d love to hear your crazy ideas!

1. Silicone Edge Graphic Frame Cabinet

Silicone Edge Graphic SEG Cabinet

Project Goal: Product display with Storage
Project Overview: The client was working with a big box store in search of innovative product displays incorporating internal storage spaces while utilizing Silicone Edge Graphic prints for seasonal change-outs and new product releases.

Quick Specs:

                • All four sides are silicone edge graphic prints
                • The top surface substrate can be customized
                • Cabinet doors are lockable with smooth operating hinges
                • Shelves are optionable and the substrate used can be customized


2. Double-Sided Freestanding Backlit Frame with Recessed TV Mount

Double-Sided Freestanding Backlit Frame with TV Mount

Project Goal: Freestanding Silicone Edge Graphic TV display
Project Overview: The client was requesting a freestanding retail display incorporating a recessed TV Mount plus the option for graphics to be easily and quickly changed for each promotion.

Quick Specs:

                • Double-sided, Freestanding display
                • Backlit LEDs front and back
                • TV mount stabilizers
                • Freestanding display

3. Silicone Edge Graphic Frame “House”

Silicone Edge Graphic House

Project Goal: Display for Brand Celebration Events
Project Overview: The client was working with a direct to consumer print service provider hosting multiple anniversary celebrations throughout the USA.

Quick Specs:

                • All six sides are silicone edge graphic prints
                • Custom angle cuts and design provide the house shape
                • This structure is 20 feet wide by 10 Feet Tall at the peak
                • We also designed a custom crate for transportation to each event location


4. Backlit Silicone Edge Graphic Frame with 180° Hinges

SEG Frame with Hinge for Rotation

Project Goal: SEG Frame with Different Angle Viewing and Display options
Project Overview: This client was looking for signage to mount in multiple entertainment venues, each having a unique mounting location requiring a moveable sign for optimal viewing.

Quick Specs:

                • Double-sided Backlit Silicone Edge Graphic Frame
                • Guided Light Panels front and back, making this frame as thin as possible
                • Custom hinge brackets allowing full 180-degree motion of the frame


5. Custom 3-Piece Wayfinder Silicone Edge Graphic Sign


XCEL Custom 3 Piece Wayfinder SEG Sign

Project Goal: 6 Sided Wayfinder Sign
Project Overview: A big box store was remodeling and needed easy change-out Wayfinding signs viewable from all sides.

Quick Specs:

                • 3-Piece, 6-sided Silicone Edge Graphic Wayfinder
                • Custom ceiling hanging design for leveling and support
                • Cubes are 24″ x 24″ x 24″ and the center is 24″ x 24″ x 60″


These are just a few of the amazing projects we have helped our clients win. If you or your customer has a vision, what you need now is a resource you can trust to help bring your vision to life. We are a premier manufacturer of printable substrates, XCEL Silicone Edge Graphic Frames and Custom Fixture Systems. Part of being your reliable, strategic partner means being responsive and available to you. We will help bring yours and your client’s vision to life.

Contact us today, we would love to hear from you!

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