November 16, 2018

Xcel Products Talks SEG Framing Systems in Digital Output Podcast

Movement of Experienced Marketing: The Latest Digital Output Podcast featuring Xcel Products Hear from Joseph Terramagra, technical sales director and Clay Reierson, director of operations, Xcel Products, Inc., in the latest podcast from Digital Output magazine—Movement of Experienced Marketing. We discuss growing interest in silicone edge graphic (SEG) framing systems. “We have gone from sign…

Double Sided Magnetic Receptive
October 3, 2016

Xcel Double Sided Magnetic Receptive is Elevating Product Display

We’ve been touting the advantages of XMR™ (Xcel Magnetic Receptive) for some time now; we really believe it’s the future for turning store fixtures into branded messaging. We’ve made several improvements to our XMR™ product along the way and now we’re thrilled to announce the latest and greatest version of XMR™ yet: XMR™ DS –…

Magnetic Receptive
September 2, 2016

XMR™ 2.0 Magentic Receptive Media is the New Standard in Product Display

When you’re proud of a product you’ve created, you’re tempted to toot your own horn a little bit, right? That’s just the nature of advertising. What’s even better, however, is when somebody else toots your horn for you. We’re thrilled to present the new standard in product display: XMR™ 2.0 Magnetic Receptive Media.  “It…

April 29, 2016

Three Ways to Enhance Your Brand Identity

All marketing executives want to add character and creativity to their permanent fixtures. After all, a fixture is a piece of real estate you own that allows you to leave a permanent footprint on a small area of retail space. The question is how to enhance your Brand Identity effectively, efficiently, and on budget. Deco-fixtures – YES!…

February 15, 2016

Giving Fixtures a Facelift

Wow! Finally an option to truly expand a brand’s identity throughout the store. Xcel is giving permanent fixtures and displays a much need facelift with its proprietary decorating techniques. Now you can continue to carry a brand’s identity look and feel in even more places throughout the store. Plain aluminum, powder coated and plastic fixtures…