Xcel Double Sided Magnetic Receptive is Elevating Product Display

We’ve been touting the advantages of XMR™ (Xcel Magnetic Receptive) for some time now; we really believe it’s the future for turning store fixtures into branded messaging. We’ve made several improvements to our XMR™ product along the way and now we’re thrilled to announce the latest and greatest version of XMR™ yet: XMR™ DS – Double Sided Magnetic Receptive.

Yes, it’s as great as it sounds; you’re now able to print two graphic change-outs at one time. You’ll save material cost, production time and also cut shipping costs in half. Just like when magnetic receptive graphics came into the market, XMR™ Double Sided Magnetic Receptive will revolutionize how graphic updates are done. It’s great for bi-lingual campaigns as well: providing one graphic with two languages will alleviate administrative and logistical headaches.

Xcel double sided Magnetic Receptive

The Next Generation of Magnetic Receptive

You can now basically double your messaging content and change that message to fit whatever sale, promotion or item you are pushing at a given time. The XMR™ Double Sided Magnetic Receptive gives you flexibility you’ve never quite had before. It retains all of the improvements of the XMR™ v2.0 that allows the parts that are layered on to the fixture to hold better and to display the product better.

People are being bombarded with messaging more than ever in today’s world. From pop-up ads to links on social media, our attention spans are waning. With XMR™ DS – Double Sided Magnetic Receptive you are taking your brand to the next dimension and providing nimble, memorable messaging.

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