XCEL Manufactures 10,000+ SEG Frames for National Retailer’s Massive Remodel

National Retailer Remodel Expansion SEG

Struggling to find a solution, a leading Visual Merchandising Company approached XCEL for help. With the deadline fast approaching, an effective solution was nowhere in sight, our partner asked us… “Is this possible?”

Working with a Large National Retailer amid an expansive remodel, the project required over 10,000 non-lit and edge-lit silicone edge graphic frames in multiple configurations, all delivered in-store in just a few months. The incumbent SEG frame supplier was unable to consistently deliver quality frames and meet necessary lead times to successfully execute the program. The project was reaching a breaking point. XCEL seized the opportunity to overcome the challenges and collaborate with our partner to develop a quality XCEL Silicone Edge Graphic Frame System, delivering a quality frame program which was on budget, and on time.

seg frame capabilities

Over the past 2 years XCEL has invested in state-of-the-art equipment, including: Solidworks design software, multiple 3D printers, quality materials and key team members. We expanded our supply chain to include both domestic and offshore vendors meeting rigid quality and lead time requirements required by our customers.

future investments

Recently we moved into a 45,000 square foot facility, dedicated to manufacturing XCEL Silicone Edge Graphic Frame Systems. This new facility increases our capability to produce hundreds of frames every day and easily meet the demands of large programs, huge custom frame jobs and complex fixtures.

Tackling challenges and listening to our customer’s needs, XCEL created a successful blueprint for efficiently manufacturing large Silicone Edge Graphic frame programs in the future. We are ready for our next challenge!

XCEL has emerged as reliable frame partner who has the talent, tools and grit to make your next program a success.  XCEL solves problems, because we care about your business.

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