Product Feature: VERSATEX® Signboard

How important is signage?

It’s the least expensive, yet most effective form of advertising for retail businesses. According to the Small Business Association, the average business gets up to 50% of their sales from signage and 85% from within five miles. According to a FedEx Office survey 68% of consumers surveyed say they have purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye.

In a nutshell, signage is very important.

To that end, Xcel is proud to offer VERSATEX® Signboard. VERSATEX produces the industry’s most consistent, high-quality cellular PVC signboard with a smooth, matte finish developed specifically for the digital print market.

VERSATEX Signboard

VERSATEX® Signboard — Adding Depth to Your Signage

The VERSATEX brand is synonymous with quality within the PVC industry. Regardless of the application, the formulation ensures consistency in thickness, color, and density. This easily translates to the pristine finish required for digital printing and custom cutting and routing.

With so much at stake in your outdoor signage, VERSATEX is the only way to go. As important as signage is to your business, a beat up, cheap looking sign keeps as many customers away as a great sign brings in. Too many signs look good during their first day or week, but in time they lose their luster with yellowing, water absorption and impact wind and general weathering. That doesn’t happen with VERSATEX.

To avoid yellowing, VERSATEX uses a product in its formulation called Ti02, which is basically a sunscreen for plastic. It keeps the suns radiation from penetrating the product and turning it yellow over time. VERSATEX product has been used on homes in sunny Florida, and the pieces remain as white today as they were when they were installed 15 years ago!

As for water absorption, foam PVC does not absorb water and does not rot or delaminate under the influence of water. Your sign can get rained on for days on end and not lose any of its original pop or grandeur.

VERSATEX is a particularly strong product when it comes to impact resistance. Impact resistance is basically a function of density and the product’s core consistency. VERSATEX runs densities higher than their competition, making it the go-to product for OEM businesses cutting and routing PVC boards. It has the highest impact resistance test results (Izod Impact) versus all their competition. One particular OEM makes high-end garage doors, which are notorious for the amount of abuse they take, and they choose VERSATEX over their competition specifically for its impact resistance.

There’s no doubt the world of commerce is changing rapidly, but there is also no doubt that signage is still an integral and crucial component of moving product. With VERSATEX, Xcel offers you the very best in signage options.

VERSATEX signboard