Product Feature: Xcel EcoMedia™

eco media

Everywhere you turn the world is trying to go more “green”. Population numbers are soaring and as we continue to use more of our natural resources, the need to be more eco-friendly is greater than ever.

With that in mind, Xcel is always trying to push products that are environmentally friendly. Xcel EcoMedia™ is a revolutionary line of non-PVC films designed for printers utilizing UV-cured links. EcoMedia is designed and formulated to be environmentally responsible without compromising quality, performance or functionality.

Xcel EcoMedia™ – An Eco-Friendly Alternative to PVC Banner

Xcel EcoMedia™ is a light blocking media, two-sided printable, outdoor dimensionally stable and cost-effective alternative to traditional PVC banner. It’s an environmentally responsible alternative for getting your messages out in to the world.

The problem with PVC (which ranks third in both global plastic output and consumption) is that oil and chlorine (over 50% of PVC) certainly aren’t what you’d call “green” substances in regards to their extraction, re-fining and byproducts.

Many have pushed for the discontinuation of PVC production, as dioxin is created from both the manufacturing and incineration of the substance. Dioxin is one of the deadliest man-made poisons, and it’s a cumulative toxin, meaning it stays in the body for a long time.

We’re always trying to be as environmentally conscience as we can and we’re very proud of Xcel EcoMedia™, our non-PVC film that gives you every bit of quality and versatility while being eco-friendly.

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