Enhance Any Environment With Quick-Change Signs

A new generation of fast changeout, easy installation, and cost-effective signage is here; enhance any environment with quick-change signs from XCEL.

  • Are you using a fast changeout or interchangeable sign option?

Retail, hospitality, and education are a few of the many industries requiring frequent changes in their signage. Promoting new sales, new seasons, new programs all require a print substrate for promotional advertisement. What if your signage solution was fast to switch? Seconds fast?

  • Have you found a sign product with easy installation?

Are you hiring a company to professionally install your new signs every season, quarter, year? What if you could enhance your environment with interchangeable signage products to be installed at the associate or management level? Utilizing trusted, on-site employees is a big game-changer. With simple, clear instructions and assembly requiring a minimum number of tools or equipment, new signage can have an impact in any location – today.

  • Quick-change signs can also be cost-effective.

Reduce costs and increase sales with an environment overhaul achieved by quick-change sign products. Not only is your time, your company’s time, and your client’s time reduced with simple assembly and installation, but the material and sign system can offer huge savings.

Consider XCEL’s quick-change sign solutions.
XMR – Magnetic Receptive


XCEL’s Magnetic Receptive or XMR substrate is a popular interchangeable sign solution amongst the biggest brands and corporations worldwide. You start with a magnet base suitable for your location. The Magnetic Receptive Material is then accepted and held against the magnet layer. The XMR or Magnetic Receptive layer can be removed and applied for the life of the magnet. XMR is compatible with most printers, lightweight, durable, smooth, and displays your printed graphic beautifully with bright and vibrant colors. XMR can be double-sided for easy changeouts and rolled up when not in use.

XMR is a top pick for retail displays, menu boards, message boards, even interior environments. All can benefit from fast and easy changeouts with Magnetic Receptive quick-change signs from XCEL.

Silicone Edge Graphic Frames


Silicone Edge Graphic Frames or SEG Frames are an increasingly popular quick-change sign solution. An aluminum frame with a channel accepting silicone, a graphic print is sewn to the silicone edge and inserted inside the frame. A seamless and modern option, this is a new wave of fast changeout, easy install, cost-effective signage. Silicone Edge Graphic Frames can be customized to any size, thickness, and color. SEG frames can be lit or non-lit, freestanding, wall-mounted, hanging, or customized and accessorized to meet your environment vision. Fabric is lightweight, easily replaceable, washable, and truly a revolutionary option for easy install and creation of an outstanding environment.

XCEL SEG Frame Systems can be utilized within retail displays, advertisements of any size from small office enhancements, or large stadium applications. Museums, dealerships, restaurants, and so many more can benefit from this quick-change sign solution.


XMR and Silicone Edge Graphic frames are only two options, and just the beginning of possible options to make your vision come to life in a fast and straightforward manner. A top priority for many businesses is creating an environment for all to enjoy and be inspired. Considering a sign solution of the highest quality and meeting the demands of this rapidly changing world can be achieved with the signage solutions we offer. Our team of industry experts have been working hand in hand with clients like you since 2004. We are a premier manufacturer of printable substrates, XCEL Silicone Edge Graphic Frames, and Custom Fixture Systems.

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