Is Physical Retail Dying? 3 Unique Ways to Drive Foot Traffic for Your Business

retail dying drive foot traffic

The early returns on 2017 holiday shopping numbers have retailers smiling—a welcome change to all the gloom and doom stories that have been forecasting the death of retail. Holiday sales increased 4.9 percent over the previous year, marking the largest year-over-year increase since 2011, according to the Washington Post. Let’s hold off on those obituaries for retail, as the uptick in the economy has shoppers out spending money again.

So with shoppers out there, how can you get them to visit your store and get them thinking about buying your products? Below we’ve outlined three unique ways to help you stop shoppers in their tracks and draw them in to your store!

3 Ways to Demand Attention & Increase Foot Traffic

1. Integrate Unique Custom Displays and Fixtures

Custom Decorated Displays and Fixtures by Xcel Products

Installing awe-inspiring custom displays and fixtures are sure to grab the attention of anyone walking by your business.

If a space doesn’t allow for something truly unique, you can give existing fixtures and displays a much needed facelift with a proprietary decorating technique. With custom decorating, a standard or custom finish is applied to most any 3-dimensional objects without sacrificing long-term durability, creating a one-of-a-kind look that complements the theme of your space or brand. Make your P.O.P. units or display components appear like real marble, wood, metals, stone – the possibilities are truly endless!

2. Illuminate & Enhance Signage Graphics with SEG Frames

Display Systems

Prominently feature top-selling products or services throughout your retail space with SEG (silicon edge graphics) frames that are sure to catch the eye of shoppers and draw the attention you’re looking for. 

Custom aluminum backlit SEG frames come in all types of sizes, thicknesses, and even patterns, thanks to the revolutionary decorating process we mentioned above. There are SEG frames options for any budget, including Non-Lit frames, Edge-Lit frames, Direct Backlit frames, and Guided LED Panel frames. SEG Frames can be setup as single-sided or double-sided, and their durable lightweight structure makes them easy to transport – perfect for on-the-go displays and tradeshows. Swap out graphics with ease, and always stay fresh in the eyes of your customers.

3. Use Top-Quality Print Media for Promo Materials & Signage

high quality print material by Xcel Products

Nothing can take the impact out of messaging like sub-standard print material. It’s like the old saying, “Dress for the job you want to have”— don’t turn off customers with shabby presentation. Quality is key; they’ll remember you for it.

Purchase from a vendor with a wide variety of high-quality print material made for in-store signage and marketing. Some print media is even specialized for specific signage and display applications, like pop-up banner stands.

Surging sales over the holidays is proof that shoppers are out there. We’re here to help you drive your foot traffic by adding life, personality and dimension to your displays and fixtures, your frames and your print materials!