Xcel Products Talks SEG Framing Systems in Digital Output Podcast

Movement of Experienced Marketing: The Latest Digital Output Podcast featuring Xcel Products

Digital Output Podcast

Hear from Joseph Terramagra, technical sales director and Clay Reierson, director of operations, Xcel Products, Inc., in the latest podcast from Digital Output magazine—Movement of Experienced Marketing. We discuss growing interest in silicone edge graphic (SEG) framing systems.

“We have gone from sign painters to printing on papers with pigment inks to solvent on vinyl and this is just the next step. SEG is eco-friendly and has more of an impact than traditional vinyl sign displays,” share Reierson and Terramagra.

seg framesAddressing the demand, Xcel recently partnered with several industry leaders to launch SEGframes.org. This website is a great resource for all things SEG.

WHEN: The podcast is available January 7, 2019. Learn more about SEG framing systems by listening at Apple iTunes, Google Play, and digitaloutput.net.