Xcel Delivers with Quick Turnaround on Acrylic Display Fixtures

Developing Unique Display Solutions, Fast

As the world shifts to the convenience of shopping online, brick and mortar stores are struggling to prosper. This trend has made it difficult for some brands to drive traffic to their storefronts, and in some cases, has been the end of the road for the organization. So how can businesses differentiate themselves in the marketplace and engage potential customers in this increasingly digital environment? Some companies have answered this by rethinking the way they’re presenting their products and services to the world.

One world-renowned brand addressed this head on by partnering with Xcel Products, who worked to design, engineer, and implement unique fixtures and design elements into their product displays within their stores.

The Challenge

An agency reached out on behalf of an international shoe brand to create illuminated acrylic displays for over 100 retail locations. The timeline of the project, from concept to prototype to in-store delivery, was just three weeks. Timing was critical as the delivery date was firm and could not change. Xcel had the experience, creativity, expertise and materials to deliver—but the ever-changing nature of the project presented several challenges; details such as final design, dimensions and artwork were very fluid and changed almost daily.

Acrylic shoe case

The Approach

The project involved prototyping and production of high-end, edge-lit acrylic pedestal fixtures, with direct digital printing, including custom kitting and packaging. Effective communication was essential through the various stages of the development process.

The Result

Xcel was successful in not only meeting, but exceeding the client’s expectations every step of the way– from initial estimates, production and delivery. Material samples were provided immediately and the first-wave prototype was completed in two days.

The client was thrilled with final prototype, leading them to place an order for 150 additional displays to sell 500,000 pairs of shoes in less than a week.

“This project was truly one-of-a-kind and allowed us to expand our expertise and involvement in the fixture industry” said John Dotseth, Business Development Manager, Xcel Products. “It also helped us grow in our expertise as leaders and broaden our display-solution capabilities.”

acrylic store fixture