Xcel Products Launches New Website to Help Inspire Creativity

Xcel Products New Responsive Website

We’re all about presentation here at Xcel Products, and with that in mind, we couldn’t be more excited to unveil our new website! We’ve always been proud of our ability to exceed our customers’ expectations with quality products and fast turnarounds; with this new site, we’ve made it even easier for you to find the right product solution and help you Xcelerate your production turn time.

First, we work in a very visual medium. If this was “Show and Tell” back in grade school, we’d appreciate the opportunity to “tell” everyone about all of our products, but it’s the “show” part that would have us really excited! With this new site, you’re able to get a better look at all of the products and services we have to offer. And with a refreshed look and feel, we’ve better captured the innovative spirit we all share here at Xcel while holding true to our roots.

It’s always our goal to help stretch your imagination as to what you’re capable of when it comes to printable substrates, display systems, custom fixtures and other components for the printing and graphic industries. We work with you to help reimagine how you’re able to present yourself, your company, and your products – this site gives you more ways to imagine what you’re capable of and inspire creativity.

Secondly, it’s a lot easier to use! We’ve streamlined usability with updated navigation and page layout; you’ll browse for products and solutions with ease. We’ve also revamped our innovative Product Selector Tool, so you can instantly find a variety of printable solutions for any graphic project—and more product information in one click!Print Media Selector Tool

The Xcel Fixture Shop is now featured more prominently, giving you easier access to all the fixture and display solutions we offer. Explore custom fixtures, floor-standing displays, magnetic solutions, backlit SEG Frames and a number of other display-enhancing products.

Fixtures and Displays in Minnesota

As always, we’d like to thank you for visiting our website; we think you’ll love the changes! You’ll find it easier to navigate from any of your devices and we hope it gives you a better idea of all the ways Xcel Products can help you enhance your messaging, elevate your displays, transform your fixtures, and take your brand to the next dimension.