Xcel SOLIX™ Frames: The Next Generation of Display Systems

Introducing the SOLIX™ Frame System by Xcel Products: Simple. Versatile. Sexy.

We’re thrilled to announce the next generation in retail signage framing.

Retail Frame SystemSOLIX Frames (low profile frames with variable inserts) are sleek, cost-effective and an easy-to-install display solution. Compatible with a variety of insert materials, SOLIX is a perfect long-term display system that can be updated easily and as often as you need. You can install SOLIX frames effortlessly, with mounting options for walls, slat wall, peg board, gondolas, counter tops or ceilings – the solutions are endless.

Cost Effective

When compared to existing signage solutions, SOLIX provides a permanent, reusable solution, constructed of high-grade aluminum which isn’t damaged easily compared to most disposable signage and display options and pays for itself after a few graphic changes.

Low Profile

SOLIX Frames have a low profile, offering an incredibly thin, yet bold presentation that sits just off the wall to add a sense of depth and impact to your display. SOLIX frames present your graphic in a modern, sleek, and impactful manner, with color options including black anodize and silver anodize (with custom colors and patterns upon request). With small mounting brackets, SOLIX Frames paired with an ACTION Magnet Panel for XMR Magnetic Receptive Graphics can make your signage look like it’s simply floating in the air.


SOLIX Frames can be used nearly any way you can imagine, mounting to walls, fixtures, counters or ceilings. With multiple media insert options supported, including: ACTION Magnet Panel for XMR Graphics, Versatex or similar PVC sign panels, foam board, styrene, or other rigid inserts – the possibilities are endless.

Display Frame System


SOLIX Frames are available in a variety of sizes—they can be customized to your specifications and are lightweight, easy to update, easy to change out, and disassemble to take up almost no room when in storage.

Let’s face it: the standard frame products and signage solutions you’ve been using forever are long past their expiration date. In order for your message to catch customer’s eyes, you have to show them something they’ve never seen before. Designed for years of service, the SOLIX Frame System is the ultimate display solution.

The SOLIX Frame System by Xcel Products: Simple. Versatile. Sexy.