XMR™ 2.0 Magentic Receptive Media is the New Standard in Product Display

When you’re proud of a product you’ve created, you’re tempted to toot your own horn a little bit, right? That’s just the nature of advertising. What’s even better, however, is when somebody else toots your horn for you. We’re thrilled to present the new standard in product display: XMR™ 2.0 Magnetic Receptive Media.

“It saved them countless millions of dollars because they didn’t have to change the fixture, the fixture is already there.” — Merle Waldron, VP of Retail Environments, Acrylic Design Associates

XMR™ 2.0 | Xcel Magnetic Receptive Media is a Game Changer

At Xcel, we’re awfully proud of our XMR v2.0 Xcel Magnetic Receptive Media and we’re thrilled that Merle Waldron, quoted above, has no hesitation in championing our product. The new XMR v2.0 now incorporates enhancements including a brighter, more neutral white, enhanced stiffness, and improved durability for even the toughest, high traffic environments.

The enhanced stiffness combined with a little more heft to the product allows the parts that are layered to a fixture to hold better, to display the product better, it doesn’t curl at all and it holds the ink well.

Waldron was talking about a big-box client of theirs who was interested in the ability to display product, but also change out the display when different brand names came out. He talks about the versatility the XMR v2.0 has given him:

“We’ve used that product now for two years, maybe a little bit more, and we change it out for them every two-three weeks,” said Waldron. “We change the branding, whoever happens to be the big name in the cosmetic industry at that point in time, they send us the art files, we re-do them, cut them up and send them out to the stores and the stores get to put them on, and the stores are able to re-use the base fixture.”

The XMR v2.0 Xcel Magnetic Receptive Media is certainly a game-changer in the industry. With our magnetic receptive media, you’re getting beautiful, durable visual displays that can be changed out time and time again.

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