100% Recyclable


XCEL is proud to introduce ECOTEC, the industry’s first complete SEG framing system that is 100% recyclable and made in the USA. XCEL has partnered with Aberdeen Fabrics Inc. to combine ECOTEC frames with Aberdeen fabric and keder to form the ultimate display solution. Aberdeen Fabrics is an American manufacturer and distributor of 100% polyester, custom engineered, technical textile materials for a wide range of fabric printing and graphics applications — with over 40 years of expertise, reputation, and success.

How the ECOTEC SEG frame system works:

  • Buy SEG frames from XCEL
  • Graphics are dye-sub printed and sewn with Aberdeen fabric and keder
  • When the frames and prints are no longer needed, return frames, prints and keder to XCEL
  • XCEL returns all recycled materials to be re-manufactured into the next generation of SEG products

Benefits of the ECOTEC SEG frame system with Aberdeen fabric:

  • 100% recyclable system means less waste than traditional
    framing systemsproduct life cycle
  • 90% less water is used compared to our competitors
  • Zero wastewater is produced
  • No microplastics are introduced into water
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