19OC - Outside Corner

Our 19OC – Outside Corner is a non-lit profile used in combination with our 19 non-lit profile. This OC profile was designed for a customer who needs a print or two prints to wrap around the outside of a corner wall. Great for offices, retail or hospitality environments, the options are truly endless and can be made to any size, small or large. The 19OC – Outside Corner profile will be mounted vertically between two #19 non-lit frames. With two vertical SEG Channels, you will be able to insert two vertical edges of two Silicone Edge Graphic Prints. Close to seamless, the finished product will have less than 2mm exposed through the middle. This profile will also require two end caps to finish the exterior corners nicely.

19OC – Outside Corner Profile Specifications:

  • 19mm Depth (3/4″)
  • Non- lit
  • Single-Sided
  • Wall Mount
  • Used in combination with our 19 Non-Lit

Colors Available:

  • Anodized Clear for silver appearance
  • Custom color or finish is available upon request

Mounting Options:

  • Wall mount with clips
  • Option to screw directly through the frame for wall mount

Accessories and Add-ons:

  • 180 Degree Connectors for unlimited stick lengths – make the frame as big as you or your client would like!
  • End caps for a finished top and bottom

Under the resources tab, you will find an instruction sheet for assembly and mounting. We also have a checklist available to help you qualify your project.

Standard Applications

  • Retail POP / POS
  • Walls

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