SEG Frame Accessories and Hardware

SEG Frames Accessories & Hardware

Xcel carries a variety of accessories and hardware systems for our SEG Frames (Silicone Edge Graphics) product line. Some of our most popular accessories and hardware include 180º connectors, assorted hanging systems, corner hardware and various styles of feet available for standing displays. The 180º connectors are excellent for creating large-scale graphics that can be virtually any length.

We recommend utilizing the standing display feet to create a masterpiece that is approachable on the floor and mobile-capable since it is not limited to hanging on a wall – great for trade shows and retail store P-O-P signage.

  • Feet for Standing

    Feet for Standing

  • Assorted Hanging Systems

    Assorted Hanging Systems

  • Stabilizers


  • Corner Hardware

    Corner Hardware

  • LED Lights and Controls

    LED Lights and Controls

  • Silicone Strip (Keder)

    Silicone Strip (Keder)

  • Power Supplies

    Power Supplies

  • Custom Parts

    Custom Parts

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