ACTION Magnet Frames for XMR

ACTION Magnet Frames are one-piece steel construction and utilize a .040” Double-Sided HE ACTION Magnet insert (the matched magnetic base component for XMR Magnetic Receptive Media). ACTION Magnet Frames offer a sturdy, tamper-resistant permanent base for menu boards, P-O-P displays, wall signage and much more. These are available in standard sizes, but can easily be customized to fit your application or install them next to each other to create a larger image area.

Standard Sizes (Custom sizes available) 22″ x 22″, 22″ x 32″
Standard Gauges (Total Thickness) 1/4” inside depth / 5/8” total depth
Standard Colors (Custom colors available)  Black and Silver
Minimum Strength (Pull/lbs per sq ft at 0 air gap) 165
Gauss (at 0.25” gap) <1
Gauss (at 2 meters) 0
Frame Weight 6.5 lbs / 9.0 lbs w/ magnet insert

*ACTION™ Magnet is ferrite-based and poses no health or  safety issues.
*This type of magnet does not emit a strong magnetic field,  and therefore does not cause interference or damage to  pacemakers, monitors or other electronic equipment.

Standard Applications

  • Magnet
  • Magnetic Receptive
  • Retail POP / POS
  • Walls
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