Curved Silicone Edge Graphic Frames

XCEL’s Curved Silicone Edge Graphic Frames can be concave, convex, arched, or even in the shape of a circle. Bending aluminum requires specialty tools and a softer compound of aluminum. Precision is critical here; an inaccurate bend in the radius would prevent even and smooth placement at install. Because each curved or bent frame is unique, custom hardware usually needs to be manufactured to secure the lengths and mount the frame in its final install location.

Have you considered curved frames for your environment? Nowadays, so many fixtures and décor appear with hard lines and straight finished edges. Adding some curves and softness can add interest to and appeal to more eyes. If you or your client are looking to cover pillars or columns, add a circle that can hang in the air, or, more uniquely, create freestanding curved signage, please reach out. We would love to learn more about your project and help you create a one-of-a-kind piece for one location or many. Check out our work here.


Standard Depth (Vary by style)25mm (1″), Custom
Standard Color (Custom decoration available)Silver, Black, Red, White, Gold, Gray, Any Custom Color Code (Powder Coated)
Frame Structure OptionsNon-Lit with stabilizer

*Custom options also available

Standard Applications

  • 2-Sided / Blockout
  • Hanging
  • Retail POP / POS
  • Walls
  • Displays and Fixtures
  • #25 Non-Lit Frame

    #25 Non-Lit Frame

    • 25mm Depth (1”)
    • Non-Lit
    • Single-Sided
    • Wall Mount or Hanging
    • Compatible with #20 Stabilizer
    • Can be Curved and Customized



  • Accessories


    • 180º connectors
    • Assorted hanging systems
    • Corner hardware
    • Various styles of feet available for standing displays
    • Custom options available




Why XCEL?XCEL Frame Systems Made in the USA

Choose XCEL for quick lead times, dependable quality and Made In The USA Silicone Edge Graphic Frame Systems. You deserve the peace of mind which comes from having a reliable partner who not only has your deadline and budget in mind but who will do whatever it takes to turn your project into something exceptional.

If you are just starting your Silicone Edge Graphic Frames Journey and unsure what will work best for your project, please reach out and we will listen to your ideas and put a proposal together for you. We also have a Silicone Edge Graphic Sample kit which will help you with hands-on decision making. Reach out and we will send you one today!

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