X-Tac Pressure-Sensitive Removable Adhesive

X-Tac is a double-sided, dual liner, optically clear mounting adhesive with a permanent side that bonds to the graphics, and a removable side that provides excellent adhesion to glass but removes without leaving any adhesive residue. It bonds to most surfaces aggressively and is good for shorter-term projects in interior environments. This product can be custom converted into rolls or sheets.

Carrier Film Gauge 2 mil Polyester
Permanent Adhesive Layer 1 mil Solution Acrylic PSA
Removable Adhesive Layer 3/4 mil Solution Acrylic PSA
Standard Color Clear
Peel Adhesion Surfaces Glass, Stainless Steel
Minimum Application Temperature +40°F
Service Temperature Range – 40°F to 185°F
Shelf Life 24 months from the date of shipment
Outdoor Durability 1-3 years

Standard Applications

  • 2-Sided / Blockout
  • Adhesive / Mounting
  • Retail POP / POS
  • Windows
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