Customers prefer Hi-Tack Static Cling printable film from Xcel Products because it’s made to order ensuring a fresh product. Fresh static cling eliminates mottling, improves ink adhesion and provides superior clarity and window adhesion properties. Our in-house laminating and converting equipment enables us to provide finished goods in sheets or rolls. We provide a variety of face films and paper liners to meet our customers’ specifications.

X-Glass Film Cling by Xcel Products


X-Glass products are polyester and polypropylene films with a unique polymer technology that allows the film to cling to glass and other smooth surfaces.

Eco-Clear Static Cling by Xcel Products

Eco-Clear Static Cling

Eco-Clear is a new formulation of cling film that is manufactured using a plant-based plasticizer, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional films that use petroleum-based plasticizers.

Hi-Tack NOP Static Cling by Xcel Products

Hi-Tack NOP Static Cling

Xcel offers the best non-ortho phthalate static cling available. Our static cling is made to order ensuring a fresh product and customer satisfaction.