Our Commitment to Sustainable Products

A focus on Sustainability

The worlds dependance on single-use plastics must and will decrease. As technologies focus on sustainable eco-friendly solutions to this massive global problem, affordable options are becoming more readily available. These options not only address the problem of world-wide pollution, but in many cases offer superior performance than their plastic counterparts!

Single Use Plastic Pollution

The harmful effects of plastic on the environment 


Million tons produced


Billion tons since 1950


Burned or Recycled Yearly, the rest is left in nature

The Benefits of our Excellent, Mako, and Xanita Boards 

Leading the charge for our environmentally friendly products lineup is our Excellent Indoor Board, Mako Outdoor Board, and Xanita Print Board. These products offer exceptional performance while truly focusing on sustainability and recyclability. They are FSC certified and cost effective alternatives to standard PVC or plastic based options. Not only are they friendly to the environment, they are also UV and Screen print compatible and can be recycled with traditional paper products!

Excellent Indoor Board

Our Excellent Indoor Board offers exceptional rigidity and is cross laminated to minimize unwanted bowing and warping. It is a great option for retail displays, POP graphics, table toppers, promotional signage, trade show exhibits, and exhibit booths. When you combine all of the benefits of our Excellent Indoor Board with its myriad of usage options, it makes the choice much easier to move your project forward with cost effective sustainability in mind. 

Excellent Board Advantage

Mako Outdoor Board

Achieving increased sustainability goes well beyond indoor solutions. Mako Outdoor Board is engineered to withstand the elements that exterior signage and displays must endure to be a viable option. Similar to our Excellent Board, this material is also cross laminated to reduce warping and completely recyclable. Mako Outdoor Board is an excellent solution for bollards, promotional signage, chiller signage, gas pump toppers, aisle fins and hanging signage. This innovative material now allows you to present an environmentally friendly option to your clients that once only had the choice of single-use plastics. 

Xanita Print Board

We are excited to now be offering Xanita Board to our customers. In the world of trade show exhibits and 3D displays, incredible possibilities now take the next step to become an amazing reality. With a denser core than the competition and a formaldehyde free construction, Xanita Board can be used to create trade show exhibits, POP displays, exhibition furniture, end cap displays, shelving, and 3D lettering.

Xanita Booth1
Xanita Flat Pack Image
Xanita Booth2

The beauty of this material is the simplicity for which it can be designed, printed, and assembled into striking displays that are only limited by the imagination of the creator. Xanita Board offers all of these possibilities and more while still adhering to the recyclability and eco-friendly standards that so many companies are striving for. 

Xanita DHL Car

DHL Race Car Created from Xanita Board

Moving into a sustainable future

It should be the goal of all responsible businesses to offer environmentally friendly options to their customers if they should request them. Previously, these solutions were not only limited due to a lagging industry, but they were also not economically viable. That has now changed. Material performance and pricing have caught up with the demand for sensible stewardship in signage and advertising, and XCEL is proud to offer these solutions to you. Contact our friendly sales team with any questions and we will be happy to provide pricing and samples!