XCEL Frame Systems - Quality Silicone Edge Graphic Frames

XCEL offers completely customizable aluminum Silicone Edge Graphic frames available in all types of sizes, thicknesses, and even patterns – thanks to our revolutionary decorating process. We provide SEG frame and custom display options for any budget, including Non-Lit frames, Edge-Lit frames, Direct Backlit frames, and Guided LED Panel frames. SEG Frames can be customized as single-sided or double-sided, and their durable lightweight structure makes them easy to transport – perfect for on-the-go displays and tradeshows!


XCEL is the Preferred Frame Vendor of SEGFrames.org


Graphic Quality

Thanks to advances in dye-sublimation printing, fabric graphics used with SEG frames can be printed with high resolution creative that features brilliant colors and rich imagery.


SEG frames are a cost-effective choice, thanks especially to shipping considerations and the longevity of the fabric graphics.

Ease of Assembly

Assembly of SEG graphics is quick and easy, making SEG frames ideal for signage that must be set up and torn down repeatedly.


custom seg frames xcel products

Custom SEG Frames

Xcel is the one-stop solution for affordable, high-quality SEG frames and backlit framing systems. We custom build aluminum frames with fabric graphics, from concept & design to assembly & installation.

Non-Lit SEG Frames from Xcel Products

Non-Lit SEG Frames

Our Non-Lit SEG Frames are the most economical option. All our SEG frames can be produced without lights, but the thinnest profiles are very popular for ease of use and modest budgets.

XCEL #120 Edge LIt Frame

Edge-Lit SEG Frames

The Edge-Lit SEG Frame with LED light strips is an excellent solution for giving your signage POP at an affordable price. It features an internal power supply and wide variety of available accessories. Can be cut to any size.

Back-Lit SEG Frames from Xcel Products

Direct Backlit SEG Frames

The Direct Backlit SEG Frame is the premier option in the SEG Frames product line. It has a narrow profile with lights mounted throughout the back panel to create a bright, commanding presence for your graphics.

Guided LED Panel SEG Frames

Guided LED Panel SEG Frames

Guided LED Panel SEG Frames are low profile and easy to install, making them a great option for displays on-the-go at tradeshows or promotional events. Available in standard sizes.

SEG Frame Accessories and Hardware

Accessories & Hardware

XCEL carries a variety of accessories and hardware options for our SEG Frames (Silicone Edge Graphic) product line. Some of our most popular accessories and hardware include 180º connectors for expanding frames to any size, wall-mounted or ceiling hanging systems, light and heavy-duty corner hardware and a variety of feet options for freestanding displays.

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