XCEL Manufactures Freestanding Silicone Edge Graphic Meeting Space

Yes, you can have a branded, completely secure and private space to make deals with clients – wherever you need it.

XCEL recently had a unique opportunity to partner with a company that works in the simulation and visualization industry. Traveling to tradeshows, providing product demonstrations and then speaking with clients in a one-on-one office is not entirely uncommon. Most people reading this article have had success with exhibiting and meeting with clients at various tradeshows or events.

This project had a short list of client-specified requirements:

  • Enclosed on all 4 sides
  • A back-storage room
  • A meeting space
  • 1 door to enter and exit the meeting space
  • 1 separate entrance for a storage room
  • Completely surrounded by Silicone Edge Graphics, allowing the customer to be immersed into the brand.

We checked every box with this project and ultimately created a meeting space that can be 100% customized to meet the client’s branding, use after use, show after show. This meeting room has two smooth operating, hinged doors that close securely with magnets. The sturdy handle was custom designed and finished in black powder coat. There is a back-storage room, separated from the office with a divider wall that can be moved and customized for each use, depending on that amount of space needed. An impressive space to have the world shut-out so you and your client can focus on business at hand.

Quick Specs:

  • Overall Size is 221” Long, 96” Tall, 102” Wide
  • Two Doors measuring 80.25” High x 30” Wide
  • Custom door handles and magnetic door closures
  • 22 Silicone Edge Graphic Prints
  • XCEL frame profiles used were the #80 and #80VP

If you or the clients you work with have interest or a similar need, contact XCEL today.

You deserve the peace of mind that comes from having a reliable partner who not only has your deadline and budget in mind, but who will do whatever it takes to turn your SEG project into something exceptional.

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