And you thought we were just the magnetic receptive guys…

Xcel Products is widely known for magnetic receptive materials. 10 years ago, Xcel was on the forefront of developing the magnetic receptive graphic market. This system has changed retail POP signage, is utilized in some of the top worldwide retailers and is still growing today. Our XMR™ product line has set us apart from our competition by offering unique, innovative and effective graphic solutions.

This will be our 12th year in business and our goal to adapt to the ever-changing market and develop new branding materials is still our mission. At the same time striving to offer a wide variety of products to suit your graphic needs such as EcoMedia™, ecoBoard™ XP, Harmony™ and of course XMR™ Magnetic Receptive Media with the ACTION™ Magnet Solutions

We are excited to announce a brand new decorating system that will allow you to customize all aspects of your campaign! Not just the graphics, but the fixtures and displays themselves can be permanently decorated. Custom fixtures, displays, components and frames, are all available with our revolutionary process!