XCEL is Proud to Announce the ECOTEC SEG Frame System

XCEL, your go-to resource for printable substrates, silicone edge graphic frames, and custom fixture systems, is proud to introduce ECOTEC, the industry’s first, complete SEG framing system that is 100% recyclable and made in the USA.

XCEL has partnered with Aberdeen Fabrics Inc. to combine ECOTEC frames with Aberdeen fabric and keder to form the ultimate display solution. Aberdeen Fabrics is an American manufacturer and distributor of 100% polyester, custom engineered, technical textile materials for a wide range of fabric printing and graphics applications — with over 40 years of expertise, reputation, and success.

How the ECOTEC SEG frame system works:

  1. Buy SEG frames from XCEL
  2. Graphics are dye-sub printed and sewn with Aberdeen fabric and keder
  3. End of life – return frames, prints and keder to XCEL
  4. Final phase – XCEL returns all recycled materials to be re-manufactured into the next generation of SEG products

Advantages of SEG Frames

XCEL offers completely customizable silicone edge graphic frames. Our frame systems are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, depths and colors.

We provide SEG frame and custom display options for any budget, including non-lit frames, edge-lit frames, direct backlit frames, and guided LED panel frames. SEG frames can be customized as single-sided or double-sided, and their durable lightweight structure makes them easy to transport – perfect for on-the-go displays and tradeshows!

SEG frames equip you with several advantages, including graphic quality, cost effectiveness, and ease of assembly.

At XCEL we believe in sustainability and recycled materials, thus, the partnership with Aberdeen Fabrics is a perfect fit. The more we recycle, the less garbage ends up in our landfills and incineration plants. By reusing materials, we can save on production and energy costs and reduce the negative impacts that the extraction and processing of materials has on the environment.

Aberdeen Fabrics prides themselves on rethinking their processes in search of greener, cleaner, more sustainable ways of doing things – always looking for ways to use less water and less energy. This idea is so ingrained in their company that they gave it a name—CleanRTex.

The benefits of CleanRTex are:

  • Use 90% less water than competitors
  • Use cleaner energy than their competitors
  • Produce zero wastewater
  • Introduce no microplastics into the water
  • Option for recycled content, biodegradable yarn, or recycled old fabric
  • Made in the USA means no CO2 from overseas shipping

XCEL Products is very proud of the ECOTEC SEG frame system – the industry’s first complete SEG framing system that is 100% recyclable and made in the USA! Interested in the ECOTEC SEG frame system for your business? Connect with us today!