Xcel Products Featured in Sign Builder Illustrated October 2018 Issue

sign builder illustrated

The most recent issue of Sign Builder Illustrated has an excellent article entitled, “On the Surface,” that takes a look at how customers are, ”transforming interior environments with custom-printed fabric and vinyl graphics.” Jim Cirigliano at Spot Check Editorial penned the article, and he interviewed Xcel Vice President of Sales & Marketing Korby Guthrie, to gain insights into the market.

On the Surface: Transforming Interior Environments

Cirigliano introduces the topic by alluding to the desire to create not just utilitarian or promotional signage, but to use custom-printed graphics that can transform interior environments. He writes that “clients today are hungry for innovative, creative ideas for designs, and surfaces that can be customized with printed vinyl and fabric graphics.”

After noting how custom-printed fabric and vinyl graphics can be utilized in both residential spaces and corporate settings to turn them into more exciting and inspiring environments, Cirigliano turns to commercial spaces. He notes that printed graphics can set the tone for all kinds of interior environments ranging from retail storefronts to tradeshow exhibits. It’s here where Guthrie lends his expertise on the industry.

“Many clients are choosing Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) using specialized fabric,” explains Korby Guthrie, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Xcel Products. “Innovative frame designs with custom lighting options create stunning images with a sleek, modern, upscale appearance.”

Guthrie also talks about how well SEG frames work in commercial, high-traffic areas like retail.

“SEGs are very versatile,” says Guthrie. “Fabric graphics with SEG frames provide impressive imagery, are reusable, and cost effective to ship and install.”

The article also speaks to the importance of quality control and product choice to ensure that customers are getting the best version of the look they are going for with fabric and vinyl graphics.

“Hot spots from inferior lighting quality or choosing the wrong fabric and lighting option for the application are among the most common mistakes we see,” says Guthrie.

Xcel’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing also spoke to the importance of understanding the environment where SEG frames are going to be used and realizing how many different options SEG frames can provide.

“Choose SEG frame depth (profile) and light options to match the desired ‘feel’ of the image and message in the environment in which it is placed,” suggests Guthrie. “Soft lighting, bright imagery, or variable lighting all create very different messages for the audience; all are possible with SEG.”

The article concludes that with the right combination of creativity, materials, quality control, and excellent graphics, customers can successfully transform a mundane space into a truly unique environment.

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